Days 4, 5, and 6: Lunch with the Queen, British Museum, and the Flight Home

Buckingham palace

My last two days in London where spend taking in the sights we hadn’t been able to see yet.  Day 4 startedBuckingham grounds with a trip to Buckingham palace.  Kate and I stopped into a Pret on the way to grab some lunch food for a wonderful picnic by the Queen Victoria Statue outside the Palace.

It was a beautiful day, so we decided that walking the parks would be a good way to spend our time.  Honestly I’ve never seen parks this beautiful before; We walked through Green Park, Hyde Park, and Regents Park.  By the time you walked just a ways the city melted away and you were surrounded by green trees and grass, flowers, and water features.  You would round a corner and there would be a fountain or a statue.  We made it our mission to locate the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park.

Green Park

Regents ParkWhen we reached Regents Park the sun was beginning to wain and we found ourselves in the midsts of a film shooting.  Our first clues were the tell tail signs of lighting equipment that started popping up as we got closer.  We watched for a bit, crossed the street, and then grabbed an ice cream cone from an adorable little shop in the park.  Some people watching on a park bench while we ate, and then we decided to retire for the day.

Hyde Park

British Museum


Day 5- My last day, I set off on my own.  Kate had some school work to get Egyptfinished, so I headed off to the British Museum.  I’ve always wanted to see the Rosetta Stone, but this Museum had so much more to offer.  The architecture of the buildings and interior alone was amazing.  As you entered you came to a huge inner room completely exposed to light, with all the display rooms around.  I walked through the collection of artifacts from ancient Egypt, the Assyrian Empire, and Greece.  It was a wonderful experience.



From the museum I headed back over to the London Eye to take a ride and see the city from above.  It was a very bright hazy day so the photos didn’t come out that well, but in all I had a great, relaxing time.  By the time the loop was done it was time to head back to the flat and get ready for our night out on the West End.


Waterloo Station London form AboveLondon Eye

When we planned this trip we bought tickets for The Book ofMormon, a show both Kate and I have wanted to see for some time.  We got all dressed up and headed out to eat some dinner.  We had some fantastic hamburgers, and a short walk to our theater.  The show was hilarious!  If you have not seen The Book of Mormon you really, really need to.  After the show we grabbed some gelato then headed back to turn in for the night.

Book of Mormon


The next day was the flight home.  Heathrow was not like any airport I had been to, so that was a whole new experience.  Our flight was delayed for a good 2 hours because they had to switch our co-pilot to another plane that needed one…go figure.  I watched a lot of movies on the way home, and somehow had a whole row to myself to stretch out, so it wasn’t all bad.  The flight over Greenland was beautiful.  I was able to see the ice flows coming off the glaciers and into the deltas.  It was also perpetual sunset for almost the entire flight until we turned to come down from Canada into the states.  The flight was long, but I had so many experiences to go over in my head I was well occupied.

fly home

I feel so lucky that I got to travel to London.  It would not have been possible if I wasn’t able to stay with Kate, and for that I am forever in her debt.  I was also very impressed with how much we crammed into the short time I was there.  I cannot wait to go back one day and travel to the outer areas around London.  If you’ve been reading these thank you for both your patience and reading!


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