Kevin Saucedo

It’s been a very long time since I’ve created any new content…I have some images from my trip to London and Paris that I still need to post and I’m gonna give that one up to just being lazy.  After months of not creating for myself I got into a funk; a funk that was made worse by work.  It got to a point where I was just so exhausted, and there was so very many projects happening that I hit a wall.  I had to create a magazine Ad one day and just stared at my computer for hours.  I had nothing, could think of nothing, and felt nothing. I decided that I had to do something for me, so I reached out to Kevin.

Kevin and I had briefly chatted about this (and by briefly, I mean I mentioned it once and he was like yeah man) before he moved back to LA.  Now he was here and I decided I would formally ask him if he would want to model for me, and he said sure.

Next problem was that I had no idea where to go for an affordable shooting studio. Lucky Will got back to a text I sent him in just a few minutes and I was booking a studio at FD Photo Studio soon after.  The date was set, Mach 25, 2015 from 11am-3pm.

I met Kevin at a Starbucks in Studio City and chatted about the shoot, what to expect, what to bring, and how the process kind of worked. It was going to be a simple shoot, trying to use mostly window light and no crew, just me and him on set. I’m not gonna lie, I was all sorts of nervous for this shoot. I normally get a rush before any shoot, but I hadn’t done work like this in SO long and Kevin, to me, was a big deal.  Someone I’ve followed almost from day one of being on Tumblr, someone I wanted to create great images for, and someone I didn’t want to look like a complete fool in front of. Well mission accomplished

Kevin is really a great guy, and I had him doing some ridiculous shit to get some shots, but he did it all with a smile. BTW Look at that smile! I’m so happy with how this all turned out, and I had so much fun doing it.  I hope with will be the start of even more shoot.  So here is the full set of image, enjoy!


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