Steve Grand-“All-American Boy” Kickstarter

So like with most things I get passionate about, I have to let as many people know as I can.

Last year the song “All-American Boy” hit Youtube like wildfire, and a wonderful new artist was introduced to the masses, Steve Grand.  The song was catchy with ideal American imagery, and a gay overtone that couldn’t be ignored. He was touted as the first openly gay country singer, yet his music goes far beyond the genre of counrty. Spending a good chuck of money, and putting the rest on credit cards, Steve was able to create his vision in song and video with the viral hit, “All-American Boy”.

Now it’s time to expand that vision.  With two more songs and music videos under his belt, Steve has launched himself into creating a full album and needs our help.  His kickstarter for the “All-American Boy” Album went up only days ago, and has already surpassed the $81,000 goal he set.  Now it’s time to exceed that goal to get this album the coverage it deserved by the media and radio play.

Donate what you can to this great cause, and help spread the artistry of this great musician.


Steve Grand’s interview with Larry King. 

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