Kevin Saucedo

It’s been a very long time since I’ve created any new content…I have some images from my trip to London and Paris that I still need to post and I’m gonna give that one up to just being lazy.  After months of not creating for myself I got into a funk; a funk that was made worse by work.  It got to a point where I was just so exhausted, and there was so very many projects happening that I hit a wall.  I had to create a magazine Ad one day and just stared at my computer for hours.  I had nothing, could think of nothing, and felt nothing. I decided that I had to do something for me, so I reached out to Kevin.

Kevin and I had briefly chatted about this (and by briefly, I mean I mentioned it once and he was like yeah man) before he moved back to LA.  Now he was here and I decided I would formally ask him if he would want to model for me, and he said sure.

Next problem was that I had no idea where to go for an affordable shooting studio. Lucky Will got back to a text I sent him in just a few minutes and I was booking a studio at FD Photo Studio soon after.  The date was set, Mach 25, 2015 from 11am-3pm.

I met Kevin at a Starbucks in Studio City and chatted about the shoot, what to expect, what to bring, and how the process kind of worked. It was going to be a simple shoot, trying to use mostly window light and no crew, just me and him on set. I’m not gonna lie, I was all sorts of nervous for this shoot. I normally get a rush before any shoot, but I hadn’t done work like this in SO long and Kevin, to me, was a big deal.  Someone I’ve followed almost from day one of being on Tumblr, someone I wanted to create great images for, and someone I didn’t want to look like a complete fool in front of. Well mission accomplished

Kevin is really a great guy, and I had him doing some ridiculous shit to get some shots, but he did it all with a smile. BTW Look at that smile! I’m so happy with how this all turned out, and I had so much fun doing it.  I hope with will be the start of even more shoot.  So here is the full set of image, enjoy!


New content, say whaaat

It’s been a long time, but after some very stressful times at work, I took a day and did something for myself.  I’ll be posting the full set Friday.  Hopefully this starts a whole new burst of work from me! More to come.


New Images with Amanda

A was fortunate enough to be back in my hometown last month the same time that Amanda was in town. We were both desperate to do some creative work, but coming by a model was harder then I thought it would be.  I then realized that while Amanda has done amazing work for me, I had yet to do anything conceptual with her as the subject, so we decided to change that.

This shoot was exactly what I needed to boost some creative juices that have been very lacking lately.  I love what we got out of this shoot, and as a small bonus to myself I retouched another image from the shoot I had done with Shelbie ages ago.

With a few new images for content Kate and I have gone about the task of redoing my website, and it should be up just as soon as I get this About me done….writing about myself is really awkward haha.
Amanda_White Horns Amanda_3
























Amanda_Wonderland Amanda_2

10372937_10152158022223932_9094232669942348584_oA new edit from the shoot with Shelbie that I really like.

And new headshots for the website update.

Self_Portrait_1 (1)Self_Portrait_2

Mockingjay Pt. 1

Fall is just around the corner, and that means the end of year blockbusters are too. I make is no secret that I LOVE The Hunger Games; both the books and movies.  Being a visual person I feel like the books have translated very well to film, and I love how the movies can explore aspects that the books didn’t due to the fact that Katniss just did not see it (ie the Game Room).  Even with high expectations for these last two movies, the marketing roll out for Mockingjay has blown my mind. Starting off the campaign with a series of propaganda posters depicting the “unity” of the districts, moving into two amazing teasers, and most recently, innovative images of Johanna and Peeta in a gif like moving picture. And lets not forget the amazing website that has been created for the film. Keeping with the overall feel, the second teaser is even changed on The Capitol website or cut out the rebellious part at the end. It’s immersive, it portrays the feeling of the tone the next movies will take, and it shows you a glimpse of what The Capitol is force feeding the citizens to make it seem like everything is just fine.

As a side note, take a look and follow the One Panem Instagram.

So let’s take a look at this masterful marketing rollout. It all started with these excellent propaganda posters.

tumblr_n7dycn9jFg1r9i187o1_500 tumblr_n7dyj7AE0L1r9i187o1_500 tumblr_n7dygrILan1r9i187o1_500 tumblr_n7dyf4Oh8B1r9i187o1_500 tumblr_n7dy8elOcj1r9i187o1_500 tumblr_n7dyakOqPc1r9i187o1_500 tumblr_n7dy6cn4Vp1r9i187o1_500Then the first teaser.

Then the second teaser. (This is edited on The Capitol website so take a look at that one also)

Just before Comic Con they released these two images of Johanna and Peeta.  A great part about this is that they integrated these into their Comic Con experience.  If you had the opportunity to go to Comic Con this year, you would have been able to sit on the “throne” that President Snow sits on for his Panem addresses while two holograms of Peeta and Johanna rotate on either side of you, flanked by real Peacekeepers.



SDCC-14-Gaya-Street-Art-Poster-Terbaru-The-Hunger-Games-01Also released at Comic Con was this poster.  We are still 4 months away from Mockinjay pt.1, and I for one cannot wait to see what they come out with next to tease this movie.  I do know the first official trailer was released during Comic Con, and should be made available as early as tomorrow (Unless you have a Samsung device and you may have already seen it). I’ll keep this post updated with all the new and exciting stuff.






The teaser trailer from Comic Con was just released on Youtube.  Chills.

Steve Grand-“All-American Boy” Kickstarter

So like with most things I get passionate about, I have to let as many people know as I can.

Last year the song “All-American Boy” hit Youtube like wildfire, and a wonderful new artist was introduced to the masses, Steve Grand.  The song was catchy with ideal American imagery, and a gay overtone that couldn’t be ignored. He was touted as the first openly gay country singer, yet his music goes far beyond the genre of counrty. Spending a good chuck of money, and putting the rest on credit cards, Steve was able to create his vision in song and video with the viral hit, “All-American Boy”.

Now it’s time to expand that vision.  With two more songs and music videos under his belt, Steve has launched himself into creating a full album and needs our help.  His kickstarter for the “All-American Boy” Album went up only days ago, and has already surpassed the $81,000 goal he set.  Now it’s time to exceed that goal to get this album the coverage it deserved by the media and radio play.

Donate what you can to this great cause, and help spread the artistry of this great musician.


Steve Grand’s interview with Larry King. 

facebook500 copytwitter copy


The Fauvist

1555 Pink Homepage Image

A few months back, just before Thanksgiving, I had the chance to shoot some products for a new business here in LA. It was a fun little shoot, simple, with great people; the first shoot I’ve ever done like this.  I was photographing some beautiful bouquet arrangements created by Emily and her business partner Chen for their new floral boutique, The Fauvist.

There site went live not to long ago, and it was such a great feeling seeing my work on their site showing their awesome work.  If you need a custom flower arrangement be sure to look them up!

 The Fauvist-

facebook500 copytwitter copy

_DSC5895-Edit_DSC5909-Edit copy

_DSC5912-Edit copy_DSC5926-Edit copy













The Art of Shaving


Shaving; it’s one of those things you can’t wait to do when you are young and watching your dad do it in the mirror, and something you probably wake up and groan about when you are faced with the challenge of the daily shave.  As guys we like to wake up and just get on with our day, but it’s time that we take a moment to focus on how we treat our face.  Will it take time? Yes. However the benefits to your skin outweigh the extra 15-20 minutes you are going to set aside for this.  In fact, unless you have to be clean shaven for work, it’s a great way to treat yourself at the end of the day.

When you go to the store do you ever just sit there and stare dumbfounded at how many options there are for razors and shaving creams, and recoil at the price tags for things like replacement blades?  How many blades do I really need? Do I need a razor that vibrates? And what exactly should I be using for a shaving cream?

Recently I have had the good fortune of running across a few shops and brands with some excellent, affordable men’s grooming products.  The Motley– An excellent online men’s grooming supply store catering to the needs of every guy.  They have everything from body wash to fragrances and are based in California. Harry’s– A great online store selling the gear every man needs for a proper shave.  Both are growing businesses  with simplistic looks, classic packaging, and a friendly, knowledgable environment. Lastly I’ve been very impressed with the selection of natural handmade products from LUSH.

Shaving has become more then just a lather up and shave process, and with the reemergence of the beard and every variation of facial hair on todays man, proper shaving and upkeep is essential.  Shaving is an easy enough process, here’s the breakdown for you:

Step 1: Cleanse


Step one; take a nice hot shower.  If you are waking up and going to shave, a shower is probably your first task of the day. Make it hot, and I mean hot (I add The Devil Wears Prada quotes whenever I can). Get yourself a good facial cleanser and get your face clean.  Make sure it’s a cleanser and not one of the exfoliating scrubs.  I found this Ursa Major Face Wash at The Motley and love it.  It has a strong out of bottle smell of Cedar, Spearmint, and Lime that’s invigorating. Don’t worry though, after you are done washing the smell dissipates to a fresh masculine sent.

Step 2: Pre-Shave Oil

This is a step that is almost always overlooked.  I’ve only recently been doing this myself, and I see a huge difference is my shave.  If you suffer from razor burn, bumps, nicks, or ingrown hairs post shave, this is a step that should fix all those problems. Just put a dime size amount in your hand and massage it into your beard and shaving area.  It will soften the beard and prep your skin.

Step 3: Apply the Shaving CreamShaving-Cream_Blog

While it’s convenient, move away from those can shaving creams and get yourself something good for your skin. The aerosol cans foam to much, making it more difficult for your razor to reach your face and get a close shave. This is a great time to invest in a badger brush to whip your shaving cream into a lather and raise the hairs on your beard and face. The shaving cream I’ve been using lately is “Prince” from LUSH.


Step 4: The Shave

Starting on your face shave in longer slower strokes, don’t rush this! Your first pass should always be with the grain of your facial hair; this will help lift the hair way from your pros and prevent ingrown hairs. Start by your sideburns and work your way across. Save your neck for last, giving the shave oil and shaving cream more of a chance to soften the hair and prep your skin.

Replacement-Razors_BlogThis is also the step where you get to choose your razor.  Maybe you’re a straight razor old school type, or a high tech multi blade vibrating razor. Whatever you prefer you can use. I’ve found that Harry’s has some great razors, and the best part is the blade refills won’t break the bank.  You can choose from two styles of handles, the amount of blade refills you wish to have, and you can even have your initials engraved on the handle.  I got myself the Winston (pictured above) and love it. Sleek, shiny, and a very high class look.

Step 5: Repeat

It’s possible that your first pass is all you need, but if you have the time re-lather your skin and shave again.  This time you will want to shave against the grain,  and get that face baby smooth.

Step 6: Rinse

By this point your skin is already irritated, it’s gone through a traumatic experience no matter how you prep. Rinse your face with cold water. This will close your pores and sooth your irritated skin.  Just splash it on, no wash clothes.  When you are done pat dray your face with a towel; be sure not to rub, just pat.

Step 7: Aftershave CareMoisturizer_Blog

Finally you’ve reached the post shave, and your skin needs a little love.  Either an alcohol free toner, or a nice moisturizer will do the trick.  If you have dry skin the moisturizer will be your best bet.  I found the Ernest Supplies Protective Matte Moisturizer to be an excellent choice.  It has a great light scent, and does not leave my face greasy with a strange residue.


The Motley

The Motley logo

So as I began to run out of all those shower and skin care essentials this last month I decided it was time to search out some new products; something more age fitting.  I had seen an article recently in Details about proper male skin care, and the mention of a newish online store called The Motley.  Soon after I ran across and article about Darren Criss becoming a partner and decided why not give it a look.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

As winter started to approach my skin was drying out like crazy, so my first mission was a good lotion.  After looking through the selections I decided on the Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy (my skin is excessively dry) and I also got a free gift of the Buckler’s lip balm.  Have to say I love both products. The lotion doesn’t leave my greasy as most others do, and has a very subtle natural scent that I really like.  I saw improvement in the first day and will be purchasing this product again.  The lip balm also works great.  I put it on a few times a day depending on how dry my lips feel and it keeps them in great condition.  In a sample pack I was also sent the Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer that also worked just as well.

The other products I wanted to get where a new shampoo and a new face wash. On the left of the site there is a great tool to narrow down what product might work best  for you and your skin type.  I clicked on my specific fields and found the Ursa major Fantastic Face Wash.  This one does come with a powerful scent.  My roommate, Mallory wasn’t very keen on the smell, I liked it.  It is a more manly scent then most other face washes.  I’ve been using this for a few weeks and so far love it.  My face feels clean without being tight or dry after, and I feel like my overall skin complexion has improved. In that nifty Processed with VSCOcam with 5 presetsample pack I was also sent the Ernest Supplies Protective Matte Moisturizer.  I have a new love for moisturizer now and will for sure be purchasing a full supply of this on my next purchase.  It smells great, not greasy at all, and makes my face feel nice and soft afterwards.  If you don’t have a moisturizer you really need one, and a good one at that. I recommend this one.

The last product was a new Shampoo. I’ve reached that age in my life where my hair is beginning to become less and less, and my hairline is getting further and further back. I will say on this one I didn’t use the side bar to find what would work best for me, I went with a recommendation from Details.  I got the Malin+Goetz Peppermint Shampoo, and I am happy with it.  I like the peppermint scent, my hair isn’t oily or over dry, and I have seen volume increase.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetIt’s important to take care of your skin guys!  You shouldn’t feel embarrassed for buying products that are meant to help you look your best, and trust me you will like the results.  You should take some time to figure out your skin type and what you are looking to accomplish.  Use those handy guides on the side of the site while looking for product, and use the samples they send you.  The Motley also has help guides, recommendations, and blogs for you to look at.  Details magazine always has great articles about male grooming and product reviews,  so pick one up.  Next I need to get some new shaving cream and looking to upgrade razors.  I’ll let you know how that goes.



Days 4, 5, and 6: Lunch with the Queen, British Museum, and the Flight Home

Buckingham palace

My last two days in London where spend taking in the sights we hadn’t been able to see yet.  Day 4 startedBuckingham grounds with a trip to Buckingham palace.  Kate and I stopped into a Pret on the way to grab some lunch food for a wonderful picnic by the Queen Victoria Statue outside the Palace.

It was a beautiful day, so we decided that walking the parks would be a good way to spend our time.  Honestly I’ve never seen parks this beautiful before; We walked through Green Park, Hyde Park, and Regents Park.  By the time you walked just a ways the city melted away and you were surrounded by green trees and grass, flowers, and water features.  You would round a corner and there would be a fountain or a statue.  We made it our mission to locate the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park.

Green Park

Regents ParkWhen we reached Regents Park the sun was beginning to wain and we found ourselves in the midsts of a film shooting.  Our first clues were the tell tail signs of lighting equipment that started popping up as we got closer.  We watched for a bit, crossed the street, and then grabbed an ice cream cone from an adorable little shop in the park.  Some people watching on a park bench while we ate, and then we decided to retire for the day.

Hyde Park

British Museum


Day 5- My last day, I set off on my own.  Kate had some school work to get Egyptfinished, so I headed off to the British Museum.  I’ve always wanted to see the Rosetta Stone, but this Museum had so much more to offer.  The architecture of the buildings and interior alone was amazing.  As you entered you came to a huge inner room completely exposed to light, with all the display rooms around.  I walked through the collection of artifacts from ancient Egypt, the Assyrian Empire, and Greece.  It was a wonderful experience.



From the museum I headed back over to the London Eye to take a ride and see the city from above.  It was a very bright hazy day so the photos didn’t come out that well, but in all I had a great, relaxing time.  By the time the loop was done it was time to head back to the flat and get ready for our night out on the West End.


Waterloo Station London form AboveLondon Eye

When we planned this trip we bought tickets for The Book ofMormon, a show both Kate and I have wanted to see for some time.  We got all dressed up and headed out to eat some dinner.  We had some fantastic hamburgers, and a short walk to our theater.  The show was hilarious!  If you have not seen The Book of Mormon you really, really need to.  After the show we grabbed some gelato then headed back to turn in for the night.

Book of Mormon


The next day was the flight home.  Heathrow was not like any airport I had been to, so that was a whole new experience.  Our flight was delayed for a good 2 hours because they had to switch our co-pilot to another plane that needed one…go figure.  I watched a lot of movies on the way home, and somehow had a whole row to myself to stretch out, so it wasn’t all bad.  The flight over Greenland was beautiful.  I was able to see the ice flows coming off the glaciers and into the deltas.  It was also perpetual sunset for almost the entire flight until we turned to come down from Canada into the states.  The flight was long, but I had so many experiences to go over in my head I was well occupied.

fly home

I feel so lucky that I got to travel to London.  It would not have been possible if I wasn’t able to stay with Kate, and for that I am forever in her debt.  I was also very impressed with how much we crammed into the short time I was there.  I cannot wait to go back one day and travel to the outer areas around London.  If you’ve been reading these thank you for both your patience and reading!


Day 3- The Making of Harry Potter WB Studio Tour

Cupboard under the stairs

Day 3 had a single mission.  The Making of Harry Potter WB Studio Tour.  There are really no words to describe the excitement level.

Harry Potter Outside

Then you first get there you not only see the sign for Harry Potter above the entrance and huge posters from movie scenes, you also see three of the huge chess pieces used in the first film. Before  you enter the doors there are the hand prints from the trio…my hand is the exact same size and Rupert Grint.  Entering the door you are surrounded by the familiar faces from the cast in massive posters around the entrance room.  A quick stop in line where you pass by the Cupboard Under the Stairs, and the history of Harry’s origins, and before you know it you are shuffled into a smaller room with screens on the walls that tell you the movie inception and history.  From there it’s to a small theater where the Trio explain a bit about what you are going to see.  The movie screen rises, and there it is; The entrance to the Great Hall.  The doors open, and beyond is the full Great Hall set, sans ceiling.Great Hall, Potions, Common, Chamber

The only area you are timed in is inside the Great Hall, after that you are on your own.  There was just so much to see, so much detail in everything, detail that you never see in the movies, so many nuances’ that make the whole thing real. The props, the Common Rooms, the Potions classroom, Ministry sets, wardrobe, and graphic designs for all the printed material used in the films; and this was just the first sound stage.

Between soundstage 1 and 2 the outdoor area played host to the Knight Bus, Number 4 Privit Drive, the Hogwarts Bridge, the Riddle Tomb Stone, the house from Godric’s Hallow, and of course Butterbeer. Man was the Butterbeer delicious!

Dumbledores Office








The Burrow

The second sound stage held the VFX, animatronics, blueprints, scale models, and concept art.  It was also the home of Diagon Ally.  Again the detail was just astounding to see.  Everything was perfect, everything looked old and used, and real.Number 4

A few more rooms from Diagon Ally and we came to a zigzagging dark entrance.  I must say turning that last corner brought chills, a gasp, and some tears to my eyes.  I think the guy behind us vocalized it well with a “oh fuck”.  Around that last corner what the scale model of Hogwarts Castle. Even at scale this thing was massive.  You walked down raps that gave you a full 360* view of the castle.  Video panels along the way showed you the construction of the Castle, how it was used for aerial shots and composites, and touch screens gave you info on the different locations you where Butterbeerlooking at. It was a room I never wanted to leave.

The next room was a tribute room to everyone that had worked on the Potter films from 1-8.  It was done up to look like Olivanders Wandshop, and the names of each actor, crew member, editor, and anyone else who worked on the film had their name on a wand box. A great gentleman was working in there to point out specific boxes if you wanted to find a certain person, and he also offered some great trivia and stories.

CreaturesLast stop was the gift shop, and then back on home.  We had spend 6 hours there and it felt like no time at all…in fact the only reason we left when we did is because it was going to close, and the last bus was leaving.  It was one of the best experiences of my life, and one of the best birthday gifts ever. THANKS KATE!.


P.S.- I will have a photo of the Castle after I composite it.